St. Lucia is located midway down the Windward Island chain, with Martinique to the north, St. Vincent to the south, and Barbados to the east. Just 1,300 miles south-east of Florida, St. Lucia is serviced daily by flights from the US, and four days a week by flights from the UK. Visitors by sea have the option to berth at Soufriere, home of the infamous Pitons, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Marigot Bay, location of the original Dr. Doolittle film, or at IGY Rodney Bay Marina, located in walking distance from Sunset Heights.


With a population of 165,000, and covering an area of 240 square miles, St. Lucia is relatively small compared to many of the other Caribbean islands, yet still boasts an arguably unrivalled landscape. Volcanic peaks soar majestically out of dense tropical rainforests populated by rare and exotic animals and plantlife. Sleepy fishing villages come alive at night to the sounds of the steel pan. Historic battlegrounds now play host to seductive botanical gardens and international jazz festivals.


St. Lucia experiences beautiful West Indian sunshine year round, with summer temperatures reaching the mid-90s. However, constant trade winds help keep things comfortable and brief, intense showers during our rainy season (June to November) also take the edge off the heat. Regardless of the time of year be sure to catch the St. Lucian sunset, and if you're lucky the elusive Green Flash as the sun finally dips below the horizon.


St. Lucia is politically stable, and the local Eastern Caribbean dollar is tied to the US dollar (1 US dollar = 2.7169 EC dollars), which is also widely accepted. Tourism is the major industry on the island, although farming is still an important aspect of life outside of the capital, and the financial sector is gaining momentum.

Useful Information

The official language in St. Lucia is english, although a local Creole is also used, which draws its influences from the english, french and african heritage of the island. Electricity is 220V / 50 Hz. The road network has been greatly improved over recent years, ensuring smoother and faster access to every corner of the island, and in St. Lucia we drive on the left!

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